An immersive theatre designed to experience how living on Mars could alter our health

Prop making
Speculative design


Client collaboration:
The London Design Museum
MA Material Futures

Molly Bonnell
Florence Schneider
Lars Dittrich
Valerie Epping
Quiyang Jin
Alisa Ruzavina

How will humans adapt to a life lived almost entirely indoors? Who will get to govern this new settlement? Will a 687-day year transform how we work and rest? What rituals and beliefs might emerge to cope with the sensory deprivation of a monochrome planet? 


Living on Mars will radically change our living space and the way we interact with our surroundings. In an environment deprived of sensory exposure, how will we counteract the psychological stress of interplanetary living?

Through a circuit of guided exercises, visitors have embarked on a holistic journey of tactile play. This had the purpose of stimulating the senses in an effort to sustain both physical and mental wellbeing.

The Everyday Martian was a collaborative project between the MA Material Futures and The London Design Museum, during the 'Moving to Mars' exhibition in 2019. The Sensorial Gym was one of the four other participatory experiences proposed during this afternoon of workshop.

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